I am a professional singer, songwriter, and dancer.  I have been active in the music industry for many years, and have experienced the healing effects of music, countless times.  I have also experienced the healing effects of positive thoughts and words, so I combined the two and created AFFIRMACIZE.


What is AFFIRMACIZE?  It is a holistic, fitness program, combining physical exercise for the body and mental exercise for the mind, by using positive, musical affirmations to workout to…exercising your body, mind, and spirit to songs with rhythmic beats and positive messages, written by me.  It is a 45-minute class, instructed by my daughter, Stephanie, and myself, consisting of simple aerobic dance moves, stretches, and muscle resistance (with or without weights).  All are low-medium impact.  


AFFIRMACIZE is not like yoga, tai chi, or any other holistic, fitness class.  It is designed as a fun way to exercise your body while impressing your conscious and subconscious mind with repetitive, positive affirmations.  Just as repetition of movement builds strong muscles and a healthy body, so will repetition of positive thoughts and words build a healthy mind…and a happy, prosperous, and peaceful life!


Exercise your body and your mind

In perfect step and perfect time

With positive affirmations in perfect rhyme

For a healthy body and a healthy mind